Payment Options

iS_17733245-couple-bills-laptop-smiling-couch.pngWe think that our customers' financial comfort is just as important as their home comfort - that's why we offer convenient payment options. Our popular budget plan lets you divide your fuel costs into 10 equal monthly payments, from September through June - with any outstanding balance due in July. Enrolling in our budget plan means you'll never get a surprise bill in the mail - something our budget plan customers appreciate when they're paying their winter holiday bills at the same time as their fuel bills.

We also offer a net 30 days plan to ensure that our customers make their heating needs fit their budget.

Our customers can save money off their fuel bills with our prompt payment and senior citizens'
discounts. It's like getting a little reward every month!

Monthly credit card payments are available (we accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover). 


Budget Plan

The majority of your heating expenses come during the winter months, and they can pile up when you pay for deliveries as you receive them. Unfortunately, this coincides with holiday shopping (not to mention paying other bills). The good news is, there’s a way to avoid a winter budget squeeze … just enroll in a Taylor & Murphy budget plan!

Our budget plan allows you to divide your fuel costs into 10 equal monthly payments, from September through June, and any outstanding balance will be due in July. That means: 

  • Predictable, even monthly payments
  • No unexpected, large bills
  • No winter budget squeeze

Take control of your heating costs by enrolling in a Taylor & Murphy budget plan today! Contact us to get started.


Price Protection

Depending on market conditions, a fixed price plan is available upon request. You agree to buy a fixed number of gallons at a predetermined price that does not change during the heating season, regardless of what happens to the market price of oil. There is a small enrollment fee for this program.

For more information on the Taylor & Murphy heating oil advantage, contact us today. 



At Taylor & Murphy, we’re always looking to make things a little bit easier on our customers. That’s why we offer discounts to help you save money on your fuel bills. Our prompt payment and senior citizens’ discounts are like getting a little reward every month! Contact Taylor & Murphy today to find out more about our great discount options!


Monthly Credit Card Payments

credit.pngIf you’re looking for a convenient way to pay that cuts down on paper billing and reduces your carbon footprint, Taylor & Murphy has the answer: credit card payments! We offer customers the chance to pay their monthly bills with their MasterCard, VISA and Discover cards. Contact Taylor & Murphy today to find out more about our credit card payment options!